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Below are links to documents and other resources that you can use [Paul G has added some comments]. If you have any questions regarding application to you then speak to a coach or an experienced archer shooting the same bow style(s) as you.

If anyone has any suggestions or would like to contribute to this page please contact Paul at the Club.


Exercises and specific advice: Archery GB’s quarterly magazine regularly contains advice from coaches and top archers on what exercises are useful and particular points/FAQs for shooting recurve, compound, longbows and barebows. The magazines from 2012 are available on line. To find the articles, scroll to the “Advice“ or "Experts” pages. Exercises and Compound advice from 2013, other bowstyles included from 2015.

World Archery, the international body, once published a number of documents aimed at coaches that all archers would find useful. Those available are below:

Exercises and warming up [contact Paul G for copy: very useful to all archers - go to page 10 of document]; and,

Recurve shooting form [an excellent document that everyone should follow].

They have also published some useful (basic) videos, "The A-Z or Archery", on 'YouTube' - a series of short videos on the important recurve and compound bow components.

Archery GB have also produced some very good Coaching Archers videos on ‘YouTube’ - these are very useful for helping archers improve (and maintain) their technique - ask a coach for help on application.

Recurve bows

Keith has a copy of the DVD "The Way of the Arrow" available for members to borrow. It is made by Archery GB, features top UK Archers, discusses physical and mental conditioning and looks at what equipment would be suited to your needs.

For tuning your recurve bow the following are useful documents:

  • Tuning your bow (pdf, 142kb) in order to get the most efficient response from your bow. Talk to a coach for more practical advice;
  • the Easton Arrow tuning guide (pdf, 1.6 MB) is an excellent source of information;
  • Recurve equipment tuning - published by World Archery
  • another excellent and comprehensive source of information is the Archer's Reference, issued by Balbardie Archers of Scotland.
  • "Tuning stabilisers” which are not a substitute for good technique - get this as good as possible first. You would normally buy/install these after you've achieved some level of consistently good technique - usually when you are ready to purchase yor own bow. Talk to a coach or contact Paul G if you’d like a copy of this document.

A useful interactive guide on selecting arrows for your bow is available - but speak to a coach first if you’re not sure what’s best for you.

Barebow (recurve)

A local club has collated some very useful information for archers wishing to shoot barebow. If you would like to give barebow archery a go, talk to 1 of the coaches.

World Archery has also published a useful document: shooting barebow. Contact Paul G if you’d like a copy.


World Archery has published a good basic introduction to the science/art of shooting longbow. Contact Paul G if you’d like a copy.

Info on selecting and shooting together with selecting/making wooden arrows coming soon


Other information will be published when it becomes available.

Updated 27 October 2018

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