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Competition types

The Club has regular in-house competitions for members listed in our shooting calendar. Another enjoyable way to challenge yourself and meet fellow archers is take part in externally organised competitions. Most of these are published in Archery UK magazine. 

Below is summarised information based on published rules applicable to the majority of events. Refer to each organisation’s rules for details and all possible variations (competition information includes which rules apply).


Competitions are normally shot under the auspices of a recognised archery organisation - either national (GB) or international (WA). They all differ slightly in the management and approach. The significant organisations are Archery GB (AGB), the British Long-Bow Society (BL-BS) and World Archery (WA). The key differences for target and clout shoots are:

Organisation AGB BLBS WA
Distances Imperial or metric Imperial (yards) Metric (metres)
Sighters 6 at longest distance No 6 at longest distance *
Direction One way (target) Two way One way
Ends 2 of 3 arrows ** 1 of 3 arrows 1 of 6 arrows **
Timed Not usually No Yes, 4 mins/6 arrows

*   = At WA record status competitions you are allocated time before official start for sighters.
** = For shortest metric distances (50 & 30 metres) you may shoot 1 end of 3 arrows.

AGB and WA competitions are based on score whilst BLBS shoots are usually number of hits then score then golds. If a competition is assigned “record status” you can claim either national or international records. You can only gain Master Bowman and Grand Master Bowman qualifying scores at record status shoots. Other awards may also be available (see below).


Commonest are target, clout and field:


Shooting at a target face with its centre (the pinhole) 4’3” +/- 2” (130cm +/- 2cm) above the ground angled at 15 degrees. Naturally, the closer to the centre the higher your score. Metric rounds have 10-zone scoring (10 to 1) whilst Imperial rounds have 5-zone scoring (9, 7, 5, 3, 1). 

To score golds: Imperial is any arrow scoring 9; metric is any arrow scoring 10 (and ‘X’s must be in the inner X ring).

Note for scoring: if shooting Imperial rounds (5-zone scoring) then even hits=even score, odd hits=odd score.

At Warlingham we shoot both AGB Imperial and Metric rounds.


A rather relaxed form of archery that also takes skill and power to reach and hit the target.

Clout sighters at 180 yards!!

Under AGB rules you shoot at a 12” flag. Can be 1 or 2-way. Gents shoot at 180 yards; ladies at 140 yards and juniors shorter depending on age and gender. A round consists of 36 arrows, shot in 6 ends of 6 arrows and 6 sighters are permitted for each round, each way. So a double 1 way shoot = 2 rounds. There is 5 zone scoring, 5 to 1, based on distance from flag (within 18” = 5;  3’ = 4;  6’ = 3;  9’ = 2;  12’ = 1).  An arrow’s score is determined by where the arrow shaft enters the ground - if it is lying flat on the ground then the position of the pile determines the score (the 1 in the picture scores 4). Line cutters are awarded the higher score.

You can earn classification levels, as with target and field, with Clout archery. This scheme is adminstered by the Northern Counties Archery Society (NCAS).

For BLBS you shoot at a target 30” diameter, white with a central 4” black spot, raised at approx 45 degrees. Is always 2-way, double (2 rounds of 36 arrows), no sighters. Gents shoot at 180 yards; ladies at 120 yards. Concentric rings are marked at 30", 4', 7', 10' and 13' from the centre. Scoring is similar to AGB but if an arrow touches the target (clout) it scores 6.

Sometimes an additional “shoot-off by ends” is held: during the double round the scorer notes at each end whose arrow is nearest the middle – judged by distance of the part of the arrow nearest the clout, not necessarily where it meets the ground (so that archer “wins the end” regardless of score).  At the end of the double round, shoot-offs are held for up to four ladies and four gentlemen with the most best arrows (aka “ends won”).  Each archer shoots 3 arrows individually in turn and the nearest to the clout wins. 

WA Clout have similar but essentially different requirements (distances by bow type/gender/age, size of rings).

At Warlingham we only shoot AGB 1-way clout competitions (including the Surrey County Clout Championships)


Usually involves a pleasant walk around woodland looking for targets: 3-D animals, 2-D paper animals or zoned targets. Each shoot is run under a particular organisation’s rules (AGB, NFAS, WA) and each have their own scoring system.

The closest dedicated field archery club (Company of 60 - NFAS rules) is near Oxshott, Surrey. 

The Surrey County field shoot (AGB rules) is held on the 1st Sunday in November at Box Hill. Kent Archery Association also organise a field shoot in October.

Other types are:

wand - hit a 6’ long piece of wood similar to fence post at 80 - 120 yards (we have equipment for this);

flight1 - basically how far can you shoot an arrow; 

popinjay1 - shooting at stylised cocks/hens/chicks on 3 rows to a maximum height of about 6’;

miscellaneous1 (golf, darts, etc).

Note 1: see AGB rules for more info.

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