Annual subscriptions (2018-2019)

The membership year runs from 1st July to 30th June.

Full member (adult, 25 – 64) £113.50 including affiliations (£53.50)
Full member (senior citizen, 65+) £103.50 including affiliations (£53.50)
Full member (young adult, 18 - 24) £ 64.00 including affiliations (£14.00)
Full member (junior, 11 - 17) £ 44.00 including affiliations (£14.00)
Associate member (non-shooting) £ 7.50

Subs can be paid in cash, by cheque or via BACS. If you prefer to use BACS then contact Treasurer for details.


Where there are two or more members at a single address, one of which must be an adult member, there is a discount of £5/adult and £2.50/junior (pro rata throughout year).

Members attending full time education and residing away from home (e.g. at University) can also receive up to 50% discount on the Club subscription fee.

Members joining throughout the year may receive pro rata discounts.

Archers affiliated elsewhere can become members of the Club by just paying the Club's subscription fee. Contact Secretary for details.

Shooting fees at the field, members  (adults, juniors pay half)

Summer Sundays                        up to £2  (When rounds of more than 6 dozen scheduled)

Winter Sundays                           up to £1  (When rounds of 6 dozen or less scheduled)

Summer Wednesdays                 up to £1  (usually free)

There are 4 fee-free Sundays in the year: the AGM (June); the 3-way friendly (July); the Club Championships (September); and, the Christmas Fun Shoot (December).

Non members (and affiliated elsewhere) pay up to double the published shooting fee.

Page updated  25 June 2018

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